Child Study Team

The Child Study Team Consists of a school psychologist, a learning disabilities teacher/ consultant, and school social worker who are employees of the school district responsible for conducting evaluations to determine eligibility for special education and related services for students with disabilities

The Child Study Team is composed of specialized, professional staff members who are trained to study and evaluate a student’s present levels of performance and to recommend strategies and interventions that could improve the student’s school progress. Prior to a formal Child Study Team evaluation, interventions and strategies in a General Education classroom setting should be developed and implemented with their effectiveness documented over a period of time. If a Child Study Team evaluation is indicated, it may consist of a social, developmental and medical history of the student conducted by the School Social Worker, an assessment of the student’s learning strengths, weaknesses and academic achievement by the Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, and an appraisal of the student’s potential for learning and social/emotional status by the School Psychologist. Based on information gathered from General Education interventions/ strategies and the Child Study Team evaluation, additional assessments such as a neurological, psychiatric, vision/hearing, behavioral or speech/language evaluation may be recommended. In addition, a Behavior Specialist is available on a daily basis to provide behavioral support services for teachers and parents. The Behaviorist supports our school district’s instructional program by highlighting the behavioral social and emotional growth of students with Special Needs.

A referral to the Child Study Team should be initiated by the Intervention & Referral Services committee of your student’s school, especially when an educational disability is suspected. Public schools are required by law to develop a process for identifying students with disabilities. A student with a disability is one who may be experiencing difficulties of a physical, behavioral, emotional, academic, intellectual, or social nature to the extent that the student is not able to function effectively in a General Education program. A Child Study Team evaluation may be necessary to determine the basis of the difficulties and whether the student is eligible for special services. When a student is determined to be eligible for special services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed for that student with a disability.

With federal passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) in December 2004, parents/guardians have an integral part of the Child Study Team that plans an appropriate school program and an IEP for their student with a disability. The complete rules and regulations pertaining to Child Study Team procedures and students with disabilities are contained in the New Jersey Administrative Code, Title 6A, Chapter 14, Special Education.

Parents/guardians may obtain this document by contacting the Child Study Team.

N.J.A.C. 6A:14, Special Education