NJSLA Preparation Resources

At William H. Horton we offer a Computer Science course to students K-8. While in this course students learn the fundamentals of typing, Using the Google platform for academic and career success, Computer Coding Basics, and NJSLA Platform Tool Navigation.


Below is a list of resources that students can use to support their technology education while also gaining the skills necessary to successfully navigate Computer-Based Assessments. The items appearing in these tutorials are samples used to allow students and educators to gain familiarity with the technology platform and paper-based format that will be used for NJSLA assessments

General Resources



Practice Tests

Online Student Tutorials

These tutorials will show students the variety of question types they will encounter when taking the PARCC online.  First students are exposed to a question type and then they are given a content-based example for practice.

Equation Editor Tutorials

The equation editor is a tool students will need to know how to use for the math portion of the PARCC assessment. It allows students to build equations to show solutions to test questions.


Drag and Drop


Keyboarding Game Sites


Mouse Practice


Online Calculators

Plotting Points

Text Editing Tools


Virtual Measuring Tools