A Word From Our Principal

Dear Families, Faculty and Staff,

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I congratulate Principal DeSantis on her new role as the lead Principal of Elliott Street School. I will also humbly announce I was promoted to Principal of Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School effective August 1st, 2019. As a Vice Principal of our school, I spent two magnificent years collaborating with Principal DeSantis and the administrative team, faculty, staff, families, students and other community stakeholders to improve our school.

Our commitment to transform Horton and prepare our students for an ever changing competitive world remains our top priority. The 2018-2019 academic school year was comprised of great accomplishments: over 90% faculty and staff retention, scores increase in student learning, attendance improvements and our first Junior Honor Society induction ceremony took place. Seventh grade students placed second in the District STEAM Math Project and all students had exposure to musical instruments; especially in our new piano lab. Our Robotic Team was formed, Girls Volleyball team won the tournament and we took home first place in the Fifth Grade category for the Multicultural Spelling Bee. As we did in the past, we will continue encouraging our students to do their best academically and engage them in extracurricular activities.

As a team, we are thrilled to launch our Verizon Innovative Learning Initiative. With this grant, we will provide each student in grades 6th-8th an IPad; a technology tool to enhance their learning and equip them to succeed in the digital age. In addition, Newark Trust Foundation has been of great assistance by providing us the Victorian grant to support our students and parents and help them overcome social and emotional challenges by receiving counseling services through Main St. Counseling. Newark Trust also funded our Halls that Inspired project to improve our school. These partnerships helped us build and sustain concrete relationships with the community that resulted in climate and culture improvement.

We are all part of all the accomplishments we have captured these past two years. To make our school competitive, high achieving and a place where all students and alumni can take pride in, I am humbly asking you for your ongoing support and collaboration.

I look forward to continue working with each one of you this upcoming school year.



Hamlet Marte


Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School