School Procedures

Visitors Policy

All visitors are to enter the building using the main entrance. Visitors must present a photo ID in order to sign the security log and enter the school. Visitors must report to the main office to be assisted.  If a visitor needs to go beyond the main office, a pass must be issued by the office in order to proceed. Our procedures are followed to ensure the safety of all students and staff at Chancellor Avenue School.

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team is a school-based, problem-solving group whose purpose is to assist teachers with strategies for working with students who have learning and/or behavior problems. The Student Support Team seeks creative ways to increase the use of available education resources. Members of the Student Support Team function collaboratively, capitalizing on the strengths of each individual to enhance the total skill of the team.

Child Study Team

The Child Study Team is an inter-disciplinary group including the school psychologist, learning disabilities teacher-consultants, and social workers. The team ensures that each pupil with an educational disability:

  • is properly identified;
  • receives special education and/or related services, as needed;
  • has his/her rights protected;
  • has the effectiveness of his/her education monitored.

Medical Services

The Health Office must clear all students entering Chancellor Avenue School before they are registered. This is to ensure that the student has met all health guidelines in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Education and the Newark Public Schools. This includes immunization for D.P.T., polio, measles, and German measles.

Student Conduct

Substance Abuse Policy

You are expected to conform to all laws and ordinances regarding controlled substances. The Newark Public Schools policy states that “The selling of drugs, gambling, use of alcohol or other dangerous substances shall be totally and completely banned from any Board property or area being used for Board business. A medical doctor must verify drugs used for medical purposes. Anyone convicted, caught using, selling, buying, or participating in any of the aforementioned (soliciting, gambling, etc.) shall be subject to disciplinary action, including termination. All criminal acts shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.

Field Trips

Students who are invited to participate in a field trip must acquire a permission slip, which is to be signed and returned at least two days before the trip date. Signatures on the permission slip must include the student and a parent/guardian. On the day of the trip, an attendance list is compiled to verify who participated on the trip.  DRESS CODE MUST BE FOLLOWED CONSISTENTLY, AS WELL AS ON THE DAY OF THE FIELD TRIP, IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED TO ATTEND THE TRIP.