Our School

Elliott Street School is a Pre-K to 8th grade school located in the North Region of the Newark Public Schools. Our current population is approximately 956 students with 83% Hispanic and 14% African American. About 92% of our students are eligible for free lunch.

For several years the student population was divided among three building sites due to a fire that destroyed the Elliott Street Elementary School building in 2006. We are happy to say that in February 2016 we returned ‘home’ to a brand new state of the arts facility located at 721 Summer Avenue.

The students at Elliott Street Elementary School have experienced academic growth over the past few years, and we are considered a “School On The Move”.  We attribute our success to a well developed instructional plan that focuses on early identification of students’ strengths and challenges,  rigorous instruction; accountability and unity of purpose by all staff members, and driven by data analyses.  Our curriculum emphasizes effective communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, the effective use of technology, and collaboration. We believe these are 21st Century skills most necessary for our students to succeed.

Students at Elliott Street Elementary School enjoy a rich school experience that includes a balanced literacy program; mathematics; technology infusion using computer labs, laptops and smart boards; music, art, physical education; Spanish as a world language; and a Bilingual/ESL program for English language learners.

Education is an essential investment in the future of all people living in a democratic society. Our mission is to ensure that our students learn and are able to function successfully in society, thus becoming productive and responsible citizens of the world. We believe that it is our moral and professional obligation to equip our students with skills that will contribute to their success.

The staff, parents and students at Elliott Street Elementary School are committed to Excellence in order to ensure that our students succeed.