Social Emotional Development

Each day, our students are in a nurturing and supportive environment which encourages positive interactions between children and adults. At Fourteenth Avenue School, we ensure each child is in a safe, positively stimulating and high-quality environment which provides opportunities for students to engage and learn. Our learning environment allows students to feel welcomed, express their thoughts and feelings, and provide all students with numerous opportunities to practice and learn social skills. We truly believe each moment in a child’s life is a learning opportunity and social-emotional skills are integral to each child’s overall development and learning. Therefore, the structured instructional lessons and activities are critical components which will allow students to establish and maintain relationships throughout their educational experience.

In order to further enhance a supportive and cultivating environment, the faculty and staff at Fourteenth Avenue School provide routines to promote students’ independence. Students consistently learn how to be independent by following daily classroom routines. Each students’ interests and preferences are embedded into classroom experiences which can also allow students to safely explore their surrounding through familiar objects, occurrences and personal interest.