Touch Math is a multisensory approach to teaching basic math concepts. The program is designed to help students transition from concrete to symbolic meaning. For example, young students first learn to count using familiar objects like apples, pencils, balloons, etc. Then, the pictures of the items are placed on the numbers which are later replaced by TouchPoints. Through the strategic instructional strategies, it allows the students to eventually learn the symbolic understanding of the mathematical concepts and leave the TouchPoints on the numerals behind. Overall, the Touch Math Program foundation is built starting from counting, the simplest of math skills which incorporates multisensory techniques of Touching/Counting Patterns. Through the Touching/Counting Patterns, students are able to learn faster and with greater accuracy. Touch Math allows students to excel through the Touching/Counting Patterns as they are able to see the numerals, touch the TouchPoints, say the numbers and hear the problem.