Video Conferencing

ITV Program

Interactive TeleVision (ITV) is a rich resource available at Technology High School. It provides our school community with the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with people at remote sites around the world. Video conferencing helps promote global citizenship and is a tool used to enhance 21st century learning.

ITV applications include but are not limited to:

  • Collaborative programs offered by providers such as COSI, MAGPI, Roundtrips, CAPSPACE, CGE and others
  • Professional Development
  • Information sessions for parents with college financial aid officers
  • Information sessions for students with college admissions officers
  • Interviews with researchers at remote sites
  • Work with college professors at remote locations
  • Interviews with scientists at remote sites
  • Information gathering with institutions such as:
    • The Library of Congress
    • NASA
    • Liberty Science Center
    • The Bronx Zoo
    • Lincoln Center
    • Cape May Environmental Center
  • Classroom to classroom sharing with classrooms around the WORLD
  • Mentoring
  • Master Classes with artists, musicians, artisans, etc.
  • Planning sessions
  • Parent Meetings
  • Job/Career Counseling
  • Administrative Meetings
  • Forging International Relations
  • Other special events

Technology High School is a member of Access NJ. Click here to learn about Access NJ ITV programs.