For Parents

Welcome to the new school year! A new school year presents opportunities for new beginnings for all of us. It is an exciting time. Our entire school community will work together to ensure that every student will have a successful school year. But we cannot do this alone. Helping your child realize the value of education is extremely important. Your presence at school is one way to show your love and encouragement.

Our school’s mission is to create an educational environment in which students are given the opportunity to reach their full potential, and the academic, social, and developmental needs of each student are met. We are looking for volunteers to help us with that awesome task.

The children and I invite you to come to school to volunteer your time and talents. We will value you as a volunteer and appreciate your dedication to the children as a supportive aide, role model, and mentor.

We know your time is at a premium but we hope this invitation will empower you to come in and volunteer. With budget cuts affecting most public schools, the time you invest volunteering can really make a difference to the entire school as well as to your child.Please feel free to contact me at 973-268-5210 or visit me with a time to volunteer that is convenient for you.

Thank you again for volunteering your time and talents! Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our children.

Jackie Rodriguez, Parent Liaison

Parent Volunteer Form