Quitman Street School opened; replacing Monmouth Street School.

A plaque in Timothy Still's honor was donated to Quitman Street Community School in 1968. Timothy Still was a beacon for a better Newark, with the rare ability to bring together men and women of divergent backgrounds to work towards the solution of the problems of poverty, prejudice, and discord.  Timothy Still was one of the great stabilizing forces that brought the city of Newark together in the times of crisis .

Quitman Street Community School salutes Mr. Timothy Still, 1920-1968.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Quitman Street School is to provide a quality educational program that identifies the wide range of abilities, backgrounds, needs, and interests of our students. In the consistent pursuit of excellence, we will encourage and inspire students to build critical thinking skills and empower our students to succeed through graduation and beyond. We strive to foster a welcoming school community where students, parents, and staff are safe, supported, and encouraged to realize their highest potential. As a school community we will communicate core values that will allow students to be lifelong learners who are caring, productive and responsible citizens, and be Ready, Respectful and Responsible and always be a Peacock on Point!

Quitman Street Peacock Logo

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide all students of Quitman Renew School with an exceptional education that will inspire them to succeed as independent citizens, life-long learners, and enterprising contributors to society’s global exchange of fiscal and intellectual resources.