The goal of the Office of Health, Physical Education and Athletics is to promote the selection of life choices and to provide a healthy learning environment by teaching lifelong fitness, through the coordination of athletic programs, health education, safety, and the increase of student awareness of the harmful effects of substance use, violence and high-risk behavior. Achieving these goals will contribute to improved academic student performance and weight management by developing moral and social responsibility, as well as positive self-esteem, nutrition awareness, sportsmanship, teamwork, school spirit and a safe and drug-free learning environment. These components lead to higher fitness levels of our students and a lifelong appreciation of total wellness Health EducationImplementation of the Comprehensive Health Education Curriculum Guide, PK-12 will continue to provide students with a clearly defined and relevant focus on health and well-being. Issues of global concern are addressed with emphasis on current issues and topics. The curriculum addresses ten priority areas of health education: Mental and Emotional Health, Safety and First Aid, Personal Health, Exercise and Fitness, Growth and Development, Family and Social Health, Nutrition and Consumer Health, Diseases and Disorders, Community and Environmental Health, and Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs. The component of Driver’s Education is introduced to the students at grade eleven. The objectives of the curriculum guide have been written to reinforce the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Physical Education.