Cell Phone Policy

File Code: 5142


Safety is the primary concern for the Newark Public Schools (the “District”) and the ability of parents and guardians to communicate with their children in an emergency situation is essential. Further, the District understands that students may need access to their cell phones when walking home from school or for after school activities that they may attend immediately upon leaving the school premises.

As such, the District allows students to carry non-camera or non-video cell phones concealed on their persons or carrying bags under the condition that the cell phones remain off (not on a silent ring or “vibrate” setting) at all times during the school day, on school premises, or at school functions. In the event of an emergency, the school administration (or the classroom teacher upon the direction of the school administration) will direct the students when they may safely turn on a cell phone.

Camera phones or video-phones or any type of paging device are prohibited.

User Agreement

If the student desires to carry a cell phone during the school day, the parent/guardian and student must execute a User Agreement specifically identifying the cell phone and acknowledging that the District assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to the cell phone. The form must be on file n the school office before the device is brought to school.


Violation of this policy is punishable as a Level III offense under the District’s Discipline Plan and Policy. Further, the student’s cell phone will be confiscated, the student’s parent/guardian will be contacted to retrieve the phone, and cell phone carrying privileges may be suspended or revoked.

Additionally, in the event that a student uses a cell phone (or any component thereof) to facilitate the commission of a crime or the infliction of injury or harm to persons or property, the violation shall be deemed a Level IV offense and the student will be reported to law enforcement.