School Policies

Our school policy has been made available to parents, grandparents, guardians, students and staff.

The following procedures deal with disciplinary issues and incidents that occur in school and outline our Zero Tolerance Policy and levels of misconduct and the consequences that ensue.

  1. Teachers represent the first line in combating discipline issues by implementing a set of class rules and procedures, complete with rewards and consequences.
  2. Each teacher is required to document all incidents and to implement three intervention strategies prior to referring the child to either an administrator or the I & RS team.
  3. The Administration, Teacher and the I & RS Team may contact the parent for a conference as well as have individual and group counseling sessions for some incidents.
  4. LEVEL 1 & II misconduct may result in; verbal reprimand from teacher/and or administrator; behavioral contract, conference, withdrawal of certain privileges, detention, or any other alternatives i.e.
  5. LEVEL III misconduct may require a whole team approach after the student returns from a suspension (typically 3 days). Parent conference is required; counseling by student services, a contract or behavioral adjustment program or an Alternative Program may be necessary, as well as referrals to outside agencies.
  6. LEVEL IV misconduct includes suspension, expulsion, alternative schools/services, other Superintendent actions which results in appropriate actions.
  7. All students will sign a memorandum of understanding after the NPS/RHS Discipline Policy has been reviewed.

A complete and accurate incident report as well as a suspension report is required for all LEVEL III and IV misconduct. Each person involved must document and submit an incident report to the Principal as soon as possible including nurse, I & RS, CST, teachers or aides.