Math Resources

NC COMMON CORE INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT TOOLS (k-12) – Group led by Bill Bush and dedicated to supporting leadership and districts as they align to the CCLS in mathematics. Links to resources, research, and tools are available. – Group funding through grants and such many resources for teachers trying to align to the CCLS mathematics. Connection to the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI) and source of much of the research behind what is working well. – Resources for unit development. Research about the CCLS and implementation in the classroom as well as sample projects are available here. – Resources for unit development. Very robust collection of videos and tools for educators and leaders working with the CCLS mathematics. – Network of leaders to support transition to the CCLS in math. – Creators and financial backing for CCLS Thinking behind assessments that will be used in New York – Sample test items and scoring – Bill McCallum’s blog on topic (one of the writers of the math CCLS – Interactive tools for standards and mathematical practices. Worked on by team that created the CCLS math. – Timeline and policy pieces as of 2011 for PARCC states – Database of standards by grade and by concept – Algebra I and Geometry scope and sequence. – Algebra II scope and sequence. – Math I and II integrated scope and sequence. – Math III integrated scope and sequence. – Complete break down of the Math High School scope and sequence for both pathways. – Blog discussion about these scope and sequences. SMART Exchange- Download templates for SMART board rescources