Adult Education Courses


General Education Development Course (Pre-GED)

The Pre-GED course is designed for adult learners who test below a ninth grade level in mathematics and reading. Instructors will guide students through the foundational content they need to move to high school equivalency level work. Course content includes four subject areas: reading and language arts, math, science and social studies. This course will also be offered in Spanish. *


General Education Development Course (GED)

Adults who are seeking a GED certificate can participate in the General Education Development course. This course prepares adults to pass the General Education Development (GED) exam in order to qualify for a state-issued high school equivalency diploma. The GED program focuses on instruction in five subject areas: mathematics, science, social studies, language arts writing and language arts reading.

This course will be also be offered in Spanish. *


English as a Second Language (ESL 1)

This language course is designed for non-native speakers of English who have been identified as needing instruction at the low beginner level. Instruction will focus on frequently used spoken words, phrases, and questions to express basic social and survival needs, as well as recognition and production of the English alphabet and numbers.


English as a Second Language (ESL 2)

In this class students will learn to read narrative and informational texts. These include simple stories, simplified academic texts and short news articles on familiar topics. Students will learn to communicate ideas about familiar topics in writing. They will also express ideas in writing fluently using good English sentence structure. Students are expected to be comfortable conversing with native speakers on familiar topics.


Introduction to Spanish

Introduction to Spanish will help students acquire the fundamentals of pronunciation, grammar, practical vocabulary, useful phrases, and useful Spanish phrases. Additionally, relevant information covered includes: geography, customs, culture of Spain and Latin America.


Computer Technology/Microsoft Office 101

This course provides an overview of personal computing. Students will explore computer basics including Windows, Office and safe internet usage. There will be a focus on important skills in Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel including formatting, graphs and presentation creation.