Student Support Team

Student Support Teams are proactive, multidisciplinary, problem-solving structures that analyze trends in school-wide data ( e.g. attendance, behavior, academics, and health) to understand the ways in which scholars experience school. The SST is the school’s vehicle for the development and management of school-wide, universal prevention and intervention activities. It is the overarching, macro approach to school-based student services and guides the micro approaches delivered at each tier.

Information about the 2018/2019 Student Support Team can be foundĀ here.

Student Support Teams utilize a tiered approach to provide resources and services to students:

Tier 1:

  • Rigorous General Education Curriculum
  • Advisory
  • Office Hours
  • 9th & 10th Grade Enrichment
  • Convocation

Tier 2:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Daily Log
  • Behavior Contract
  • Check-in system with support staff
  • Writing Fellows (see Learning Center & Library)
  • HMI
  • Peer Mediation
  • NHS Peer Tutoring

Tier 3:

  • Pupil Assistance Plan (PAP)
  • Restoration
  • Summer School
  • Social Workers
  • Referrals to Perform Care
  • 2nd Fl./Trevor helplines
  • Newark Youth Court
  • NPS Court Rep.