Welcome to our science classes! Please review the information posted in order to become familiar with what is occurring in class.

Science explores physical, earth, and the life sciences. The curriculum is designed to provide your child with an understanding of the many aspects of our world and beyond. Throughout the course of the year we will be studying forces and motion, planetary science, organisms and their environment, and much, much more.

The following strategies and activities have been incorporated into the curriculum:

  • Lab Notebooks (In class document)
    • Lab Notebooks are a permanent record of students’ investigations and observations over the course of each quarter.
  • Portfolios (In class document)
    • The student portfolios contain rubrics, student reflections and questions about their work, progress, performance, and goals for the future.
  • Essay Questions on Tests and Quizzes
    • Students are formally assessed weekly or biweekly. Essay questions are also assigned for homework regularly.
  • Integration of Mathematical Concepts and Graphing Skills
    • Concepts and skills are integrated throughout all lessons, investigations and research.
  • Out-of-Class Projects
    • Project topics relate to our current units of study. These projects are very important — they will count as a major grade.
  • Current Events Research (Opportunity for Extra Credit)
    • An integral part of our class discussion, it helps connect real world events with the topics of study. Both student and teacher led, it is presented/shared in a variety of formats (printed articles, PowerPoint, etc.)

Horton Science Module Rotation

GRADE                TIER I                          TIER II                       TIER III
Kindergarten           Weather                                      Animals 2 X 2           
1st Grade               Solids & Liquids                       Pebbles, Sand & Silt                   Organisms

2nd Grade              Air & Weather                         Life Cycle of Butterflies                 Changes

3rd Grade               Human Body                               Earth Materials                Magnetism & Electricity

4th Grade              Animal Studies

5th Grade              Floating & Sinking

6th Grade              Mixtures & Solutions

7th Grade              Force & Motion

8th Grade              Properties of Matter