Physical Education

At Dr. Horton, we pride ourselves in having fun when it comes to physical activities such as basketball, volleyball, soccer and many others sports played by our students.  Here are some important facts from our Physical Education staff members.

  • When teaching, circulate around the gym with your back to the wall. This allows you to always face the children. Turning your back on students might encourage students to engage in off task behaviors. By facing students and scanning the environment the teacher can stop off task behavior as it is getting started.
  • Move! Teachers who are successful with class management are constantly moving. If as a result of scanning the classroom, the teacher sees behavior that is detrimental to the learning environment, the teacher can move to within close proximity to the perpetrators’ and undesirable behavior will often cease. Teachers might want to consider spending more time close to perceived troublemakers.
  • It is said that good teachers have eyes in the back of their heads. Use your peripheral vision! Withitness describes the ability of teachers to know what is going on even if they are not watching a student or group of students. This skill comes from knowing the students you teach, scanning the learning environment and processing what is happening in the classroom. Teaching Physical Education is like being the ringmaster of a three ring circus. Withitness allows teachers to indirectly monitor what is happening in all areas of the gym. With practice you will be able to watch one student while talking with another.

Mrs. Knox, Physical Education Teacher