Step Up to Success Behavior Modification Overview

New Jersey Regional Day School students range in ages from 5 through 21 and present with Pervasive Developmental Delays and Autism. A formalized program of behavior modification is used to motivate students to meet individual goals related to behavior, academic, social and emotional growth. A token economy system and a school store where students can make purchases gradually leads students on an individualized path to developing the tools and skills necessary for academic achievement and functioning successfully within the community.

All students benefit from using a Behavior Modification Program. These goals will be school/class-wide expectations (attendance, wearing the school uniforms being respectful to others) and two individual goals will be connected to social and academic achievement. A point sheet will be provided for each student in their mode of communication (example: pictures with words so the students can understand the meaning of each goal). The student has the opportunity to earn points twice a day. The teacher will chart student’s points on their point sheet. On Fridays, the students will count their points earned and visit the school store to purchase a reinforce or bank their points for a desired item.

This behavior modification will be used for positive reinforcement. If the student earns a point it cannot be taken away and used as a negative reinforcement. Points earned over time will be analyzed to determine if a student is making progress on behavioral goals.