The McKinley Elementary School is a pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school located in the North Ward of Newark, New Jersey. Our school prides itself on the belief that all children can excel. This is why our program centers on powerful learning strategies that address our varied population.

A multi-faceted school structure has been designed at McKinley to create a school environment that allows students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. This strategically planned structure includes an early childhood program, a standard-based elementary and middle school programs, special education classes, and bilingual program. All of these programs are infused with a state of art technology instruction that is afforded daily. A common thread woven throughout all of our programs is the infusion of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. These standards guide the entire instructional program and prepare our students for future success in High School and beyond.

A fortified Early Childhood Program, which includes Preschool Handicap, which we begin to champion our youngest learners. An array of Researched Based Best Practices are incorporated in every PK – classroom. Students are actively engaged in learning experiences, which include learning centers, inquiry based discovery, whole group learning and individual learning activities as well as extended classroom experiences. Children’s Literacy Initiative Trainers are on site providing our teachers, students, and para-professionals with the support and knowledge needed to grow literate learners.

The Standards Based Elementary and Middle School Program at McKinley provides our students in third through eighth grade with an academically and emotionally rich setting that is sensitive to the needs of children during this critical stage of development. Support services through our guidance counselor, administrative team and staff ensure that our youngsters receive the foundation and character education necessary to grow and develop strong positive personalities.

In an effort to meet the critical needs of all students several of our school programs foster a multiple intelligence approach with differentiation of instruction and project-based learning designed to meet the needs of all our students. The development and implementation of standards based assessments provide formative data to inform instruction in all grade levels. Specific strategies are planned in order to maximize the instructional program. Teachers meet weekly by grade level as well as across grade levels to plan and align instruction as per data results. Professional development revolves around our data and our long and short term goals.

Our special education program, one of the largest in the district, affords all students the opportunities to learn in an equal opportunity environment where each child’s individual capabilities are respected and maximized to obtain success. WE strongly believe that all children can and will learn!