School Pledge

The Student Pledge was created by students in 6th grade under the guidance of former teacher,  Ms. Cloud as part of an Advisory project. Each student contributed a line to the pledge. When school social worker, Mrs. Pollard, heard the pledge, she was inspired to share it with the whole school via the morning announcements. The rest is history. Since then, it has become a Lincoln tradition and an authentic expression of student driven leadership.

Lincoln Student Pledge

I believe good things will come to me.

I pledge to do my best to earn respect.

I promise to do my work.

I pledge to be respectful to all teachers and adults.

I promise to do good, better, best – to not let it rest until my good is my better & my better is my best.

I pledge to be responsible.

I pledge to be myself.

I pledge to be self disciplined and trustworthy.

I believe to follow a path of success.

In this way we SHINE!

By Lincoln School Students (2007)