Procedural Framework

I. Transitioning

  • Teachers will monitor their classes during transitions, and accompany them at all times, seeing all students into their destination.
  • Students should leave the classroom with ALL the materials necessary to perform in their destination.
  • Classes must transition between destinations in an orderly fashion.
  • Students should be in single files (or double files for larger classes).
  • Students should not converse/talk during transitions, as classes will be in session.
  • No student should transition without adult supervision or a pass from the teacher (passes must have the student’s name, date, destination, and time. Passes are the responsibility of the supervising adult).
  • *At 2:55, students must be escorted from the classroom to the building exit. Teachers are responsible for ensuring that all students leave the building.

II. Assembly Programs

  • Classes will enter the auditorium orderly and quietly once called down from the office.
  • Classes will sit in their designated area of the auditorium.
  • Before, during and after assembly programs, teachers must monitor the behavior of their students.
  • In the event a class, or students from a class are not conducting themselves in the appropriate manner, the entire class will be removed from the assembly program.
  • At the conclusion of all assembly programs, classes will be dismissed by grade level. During the dismissal of classes, waiting classes must remain in their seat quietly, and monitored by teachers.

III. Breakfast: Classroom & Cafeteria

  • Grades K-5: Breakfast  will be delivered to the classrooms. Students will eat breakfast between 8:25 am and 8:35 am. Instruction must begin at 8:35 am.
  • Grades 6-8: Students will enter the cafeteria from the playground at 8:20 am for breakfast. Teachers will retrieve the students of their homeroom at 8:25 am. Once teachers arrive, they must transition their classes out of the cafeteria (see TRANSITIONS), and to their classrooms (3rd floor classrooms may use Clinton Place entry to avoid bottle-necking in the hallway). Instruction must begin in 8:35 am.

IV. Lunch: Cafeteria & Playground

  • After being taken to the bathroom, students should enter the cafeteria quietly and in a straight line, taking their assigned seats (unless otherwise instructed by cafeteria staff).
  • Classes/tables will be called to the serving counter in a line. Each student will retrieve his/her food tray, punch in his/her student number, and return to his/her assigned table and eat.
  • Students will remain at their assigned tables, except to throw out all of their garbage and then proceed to recess.
  • Students should have all of their belongings with them for recess before entering the cafeteria. Cold or hot weather will not impede students from going out to recess. Therefore, students should dress appropriately for the weather each day.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the cafeteria/playground for any reason other than a medical emergency.
  • When lunch staff sounds the whistle/bullhorn, all students must move quickly to their designated pick-up area on the playground, line up, and wait quietly for their teacher to retrieve them on time from recess.

V.  Fire Drills

  • When the fire bell/alarm sounds, students will proceed quickly and silently along the fire drill evacuation route designated for their class. Once across the street, teachers should continue moving away from the building so that following classes can reach the safe zone (the first class out will be the last class in).
  • Students will re-enter the building silently and transition in the expected fashion back to class.

VI. Lock-Downs

In the event a lock-down is announced:

  • Students will SILENTLY enter the classroom closet (if there is no closet, students should move as far from the classroom door as possible, preferably out of eyeshot of the door-glass).
  • Teachers will lock their classroom doors from the outside and remain in the closet with students (students in physical education must go behind the curtain on stage possibly into the storage room on stage, and under teacher supervision).
  • Students who may be transitioning in the hallway without his/her teacher or class should attach themselves to the nearest class, or enter the nearest classroom quickly.
  • Students/Teachers will remain silent and still in closets until the LOCK-DOWN is lifted. The LOCK-DOWN announcement will come from the main office.