Instructional Staff

Hawthorne Avenue School
Faculty 2016-2017

H. Grady James IV Principal
Tijuana Y. Porter Vice Principal


Self-Contained = All subjects
PreK Sophia Desanges-Harriott
Southern University
101 Self-contained
PreK Monique Simpson
Howard University
102 Self-contained
PreK Esperanza Rivera
University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
104 Self-contained
K Tiffany Spence
North Carolina A&T University
105 Self-contained
K Evelyn Baez
Bethune-Cookman University
106 Self-contained
1 Janice Andino
Rutgers University
TCU 022 Self-contained
1 Marie Fernandes
Kean University
TCU 023 Self-contained
2 Catherine Semper-Cook
Cheney University
TCU 024 Self-contained
2 Nicole Cook
Grambling State University
TCU 025 Self-contained
3 Brian Lometti
Hamilton College
306 ELA/Social Studies
3 Theonius Lester, Jr.
Lincoln University
308 Math/Science
4 Sadiqua Harvard
Jackson State University
301 ELA/Social Studies
4 Dupe Dosunmu
Morgan State University
302 Mathematics/Science
5 Carol Wallace
University of Connecticut
304 ELA/Social Studies
5 LaTonya Youngblood
University of Clark Atlanta
305 Mathematics/Science
6 Sandra Rolling
Winston-Salem University
201 ELA/Social Studies
6 Akkya Anglin
Delaware State University
202 Mathematics/Science
7 Florence Ememe
University of Lagos Nigeria
206 ELA/Social Studies
7 Kharnesha Baynes
Hampton University
205 Mathematics/Science
8 Stacey Watson
Florida A&M University
204 ELA/Social Studies
8 Darwin Oden
Alabama State University
203 Mathematics/Science
LDS K-2 Olufunmelola Oparinde
New Jersey City University
TCU 008 Self-Contained
LDs 3/4 Judith Okewole
University of Nigeria
TCU 010 Self-Contained
LDS 5 Patricia Anaemejeh
University of Nigeria
TCU 011 Self-Contained
LDS 6 Shakeira Riley
Jackson State University
TCU 006 Self-Contained
BD 5/6 Shaunda Owens TCU 009 Self-Contained
RCO Nina Mensa TCU 012 Pull-out
Academic Interventionist Donna Kelly 303 Pull-out
Albert Nguidgol Gym Physical Education
Weslyn Stephens TCU 008 Dance Education
Maria Skerrett 208 Spanish
Alvin Quinones 207 Art Education