Hawkins Street Elementary historical photoHawkins Street School* was built in the 1800's. It is located in a predominantly low and middle-income section of Newark. We serve approximately 696 students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Eight. The population breakdown is as follows: 59% Hispanic, 17% African American and 24% other.

In September 2001, Hawkins Street School initiated a Pre-Kindergarten program.  We offer a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade curriculum designed to meet all mandates of the Newark Public School's Educational Plan and the State of New Jersey's Student Learning Standards.  In addition to our general instruction program, we offer a developmental Bilingual program for our Limited English Proficient Spanish students in all grades.  As a component of the Bilingual program, ESL instruction is offered.  We also provide an inclusion program with in-class support for Special Needs students.

Staff members at Hawkins Street School are committed to involving all students in experiences that will allow them to complete the core curriculum. Aligning state standards with the curriculum and providing a rigorous instructional program is a continuous team process as we restructure our school to meet and exceed proficiency benchmarks.

Professional growth is a requirement of the State of New Jersey. At Hawkins Street School, it is an on-going process. We continue to seek best practices and implement proven research findings into our instructional planning. This year we will collaborate with Washington State University through the Center for Educational Leadership and the Children's Literacy Initiative to address our identified weaknesses.

Our full-time guidance program offers individual and group counseling that addresses educational, career, and personal development. The I&RS Process and the Child Study Team provide our students the vehicles for which individual cognitive, social, and/or emotional needs are addressed.

The after school programs are provided through a number of sources, such as, providers of choice and a tutorial assistance to students in grades 1-8 in preparation for District and State Assessments.

The Hawkins Street School Community Association has always been the voice of our parents and community members. Parents are encouraged to become active participants in their children’s education.

* Photo courtesy of the Newark Public Schools Historical Preservation Committee.