Special Education

Approximately 44% of children attending Camden Street Elementary School have special needs. The children are classified from the following list:

  • Learning Disabled
  • Multiple Disabled
  • Cognitive Disabled
  • Behavior Disabled
  • Autism/PDD
  • Preschool Disabled

The class size ranges from 5-6, so as to allow for closer supervision in the education of the “whole” child. The special needs children are expected to adhere to the core curriculum content standards just as their counterparts in the regular school division. Many special needs classrooms are combined with regular classrooms in subjects such as art, music, gym, and library. There are some special needs children that are instructed in certain subjects in the regular classroom component. These children are beginning to be mainstreamed back into the regular component.

The PDD/Autism Program

This program for students who are experiencing PDD and Autism is a new component of the special services provided by the Newark Public Schools. This is a full day, extended school year program consisting of 210 days. The program currently provides for the education of children 3-11 years of age and will continue to expand in time. All children’s educational programs are determined by an individualized education plan developed by appropriate school personnel and the student’s family. The curriculum of the program emphasizes skill acquisition and development in the following areas:

  • Pre-readiness
  • Speech and Language
  • Cognition
  • Self Help
  • Sensory Integration
  • Socialization and Play
The teaching methods utilized by the program are highly structured, individualized, and research based. Research indicates that the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis including discrete trial teaching is a highly effective technique for behavioral training and skill acquisition. A skill is broken down step by step and the student is taught one step at a time, which allows for more student success. Data is collected on each student insuring an appreciation of individualized learning styles, appropriate selection of strategies and selection of intrinsically rewarding motivational systems. Along with discrete trial training, chaining, shaping, generalization, a multi-modal teaching approach using a combination of social interaction, structured teaching, incidental learning, sensory integration, and/or other support services are used. The staff consists of special educators, behavior management specialists, school psychologist, speech and language specialists, and numerous instructional assistants which allow for more individualized instruction. Licensed occupational and physical therapists are available to provide services. A registered nurse and nurse’s aide provide medical and health related services. For intake or additional information about the program; please call the main office at (973)733-6994.