Ms. E. Battle, Literacy Coach

At Hawthorne Avenue School we take special pride in the teaching of literacy. We understand the power of words whether they are written, spoken, read or heard. Therefore we seek to create literacy learning environments that inspire our students to optimize their literary potential. Our ultimate goal is to develop literary learners who accurately articulate their thoughts and emotions that are unique to each individual student. Because words are the foundation by which we learn, teachers at Hawthorne in all subjects seek to refine their teaching skills to accommodate all levels of learners. Hawthorne teachers understand that literacy is the foundations to all learning. On any given day in grades k-8, one can observe all students engaged in focused learning at their independent reading level. Each classroom’s learning focus is guided by the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. The individual learner is engaged in learning based on current assessment data. To supplement the Core Curriculum Standards, the district has adopted Harcourt Trophies for students in grades k-5, and McDougal Littell for students in grades 6-8.  Additionally, each literacy class houses a classroom library consisting of at least three hundred books at various reading levels representing all reading genres. We strongly encourage independent reading everyday.