At ECS North, children get 50 minutes of music class twice a week, in a dedicated music room, equipped with instruments and a state of the art brand new touch screen/interactive smartboard.

The music program is designed to expose students to different types of music, and allow kids to explore instruments and singing in a playful and engaging way, based on games and movement.

Through the school year, students are exposed to various music styles and most instruments, and they learn how to recognize their sounds, identify the parts, and recognize them in a band context; drums, small percussion, xylophones and ukuleles are available for the kids to experience hands on music making.

The lessons are aligned with the pre-k standard, as well as the national arts standards, and the curriculum is coordinated with the classroom creative curriculum pacing guides, and is related to monthly themes, such as: tubes and channels, buildings, simple machines, recycle, etc.

One important aspect of the program, is to teach children how to perform on stage, so each year students prepare Winter concerts, Black history month celebrations, moving up celebrations and other seasonal events that are taking place in the auditorium and enjoyed by the whole community.

– Joaquin Diaz, Music Teacher – Room 14