Family Advocates

Family engagement makes up the majority of the work for family Advocates. It is a crucial part of our job description, it allows us to serve families throughout our program. It gives families a sense of security knowing that there is people out there who really care about their well-being. It allows us (family workers) to establish partnerships between our head start program and the home of the children we serve. Family engagement also teaches us about the vast majority of cultures we have here in the city of Newark. It is through Family engagement that we encourage our families to become self-sufficient while guiding them every step of the way. We also give parents the opportunity to become educator’s in their own home, with creative activities we may have at our parent meetings.

Mr. Rene Villatoro, Family Advocate
Mr. Rene Villatoro
Family Advocate

As a Family Advocate, we provide services for low income families. We partnership with organizations in the community, based on family assessments. We host meetings, participate in community outreach, and recruit families for our Head Start Program.

Ms. Ayesha Dickerson, Family Advocate
Ms. Ayesha Dickerson
Family Advocate

As a family advocate I am usually the first person interacting with our families. My goal is to encourage families to become self-sufficient by connecting them with services and providing workshops targeted to their family’s unique needs. When families are self-sufficient they create a stronger and healthier community. I am proud of the work I do and always exited to meet new families.

Ana Caimayo, Family Advocate