Social Studies

Features of the Social Studies Program:

  • use interactive media resources to support learning
  • compare and contrast cultures, landforms, time periods
  • use a compass, time lines, grid maps, bar graphs
  • develop landform maps, family trees
  • understand citizenship choices, government and national symbols
  • analyze markets, work, trade, economics of the community
  • study community workers
  • learn the significance of special holidays and international cultural celebrations
  • investigate basic issues related to responsible use of technology and information
  • understand diverse communities through migration, geography and resources
  • understand the form of our government and responsibility of its citizens
  • read timelines, bar graphs, grid maps, flow charts
  • investigate economic interdependence, global connections, caring for natural resources
  • understand map scales, intermediate directions, regions, place and location
  • examine Newark’s geography, economy, history, government and cultural diversity
  • compare and contrast works of art and literature to understand historical content

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Fourth Grade Social Studies Program