West Side High School Drumline

Mission and Vision

The mission of the West Side High School Campus Roughrider Marching Band and Drum Corps is to make a positive difference in the lives of the band members by providing musical and visual experiences and performances, and to assist them in achieving their potential as they develop confidence, cooperation, leadership, responsibility and high standards of excellence and character.

Goals of the Marching Band

  • Each member will strive for high standards of excellence.
  • Be FIRST CLASS in all things on and off the field, at home and at school.
  • Each member will develop a sense of responsibility for attendance, preparation, and each other.
  • Each member will expand his/her awareness in rehearsal and performance to enhance the overall individual and ensemble quality.
  • Each member will develop self-discipline in and out of rehearsals.


Seasonal Goals

  • Rehearsal Efficiency– The band will rehearse more efficiently utilizing good rehearsal etiquette, careful planning by the staff and attention to time-on task.  The members will rehearse with relaxed focus and perform with energy and excitement, keeping in mind the concept of “rehearsal equals performance”.
  • Music – A higher level of music performance will be achieved by dedicating more attention and time to this aspect in the winds and percussion sections.  Warm-ups and basic technique development will be used daily and will not be omitted as the season progresses.  A solid, focused daily warm-up period based on fundamentals and technique will shape the outcome of the marching season and school year.
  • Marching – The high level of marching realized in the past will be maintained through daily basic technique drills and marching and drill emphasis in full ensemble rehearsal.
  • Color Guard and Dance Line– The color guard and Dance Line standard of performance will be maintained and heightened to serve as a goal for the percussion sections.  The color guard will establish quality fundamentals using daily technique and skill development.