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West Side High School Teacher Selection Criteria(Adapted from NLNS Selection Criteria)

  • Belief in the Potential of ALL Children to Excel Academically
  • Believe each and every child can excel academically
  • Take personal responsibility for ensuring high academic achievement for every child
  • Demonstrate the personal drive and commitment to eliminate the disparity of educational quality that exists
  • Cares about students as learners

Unyielding Focus on Goals and Results

  • Confront difficult situations head-on and implement diverse solutions to get results
  • Achieve results despite obstacles by demonstrating persistence, determination, and relentless drive
  • Exhibit resilience to persevere and overcome setbacks
  • Take personal responsibility for finding solutions when faced with challenges
  • Be results driven

Commitment to Ongoing Learning

  • Seek feedback and reflect on experiences to grow and develop
  • Demonstrate humility and willingness to continually improve
  • Commitment to continual coaching and learning


  • Identify accurately personal strengths and areas for development
  • Demonstrate integrity by acting in a manner that consistently reflects stated values and beliefs
  • Understand how you are perceived by and impact others

Knowledge of Teaching and Learning

  • Exhibits exemplary teaching that meets the needs of and accelerates all students
  • Enable students to attain results despite significant challenges
  • Solid knowledge of subject matter and theories of learning
  • Solid knowledge, understanding and teaching of New Jersey Content Standards and commitment to develop knowledge of Common Core standards

Team Player

  • Collaborate regularly and effectively
  • Participate actively
  • Work well with supervisors and peers

Problem Solving

  • Work proactively to solve problems and reach effective solutions
  • Analyze and diagnose complex issues and data to develop deliberate plan
  • Identify concrete outcomes as away to evaluate results
  • Modify instruction on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis based on data

Interpersonal Skills

  • Build successful one-on-one relationships
  • Value each person’s perspective and treat people with respect
  • Relate to adults and children: understand where they are coming from, what they need, and how to meet their needs
  • Diffuse anger and find common ground to move people towards solutions
  • Exhibit confidence and competence under pressure

Communication and Listening

  • Possess written verbal skills to communicate with clarity, conciseness, and appropriateness to multiple audiences
  • Demonstrate poise and professionalism in diverse situations
  • Listen and participate actively

Project Management to Deliver Results

  • Select, prioritize, and communicate strategies effectively to reach goals
  • Balance day-to-day tasks and urgent needs with progress towards goals