Anti-Bullying Day

It was an ordinary day for many in the city of Newark, NJ but not for the students and staff of Wilson Avenue School.  These individuals were dedicating the day to a cause that has affected many nationwide, Bullying.  Wilson Avenue School celebrated National Anti-Bullying Day in a rather great way. The students of the school’s anti-bullying club were busy preparing activities, pledges, building awareness and prevention amongst their peers.

Students and staff read the school pledge in unity and signed the banner to commit to a bully free and safe school.  Each student and staff, all dressed in purple in honor of the day, also donated $1.00 to for the continued prevention and awareness of the cause.

Wilson Avenue School, occupied by approximately 950 students and located in the heart of the Ironbound, is home to a wide variety of students and staff from many cultures and backgrounds who on this day joined hands against bullying.

The success of this even would not be possible without the participation and support of the school’s lead administrator, Principal Margarita Hernandez.