Career & Technical Education Dept.


Learning is a process of experiencing, doing, reacting, interacting and developing lasting understanding where the learner plays an essential role in his or her own learning experience. An individual’s learning is, therefore predicated on his or her desire as well as internal and external motivation. It is the expectation that with the guidance, and the facilitation of educators, the learner will persist through rigorous, and challenging situations. Ultimately the individual acquires and shares knowledge and skills via the production of work, communication, and other forms of assessment that indicate that authentic learning has taken place and learning objectives have been met.

Though a critical and challenging task it is the ambition of the business teacher to prepare students for an ever changing workplace. As educators it is further acknowledged that students who plan to enter full-time employment when they complete their high school education must be ready to function in an environment using the latest technology. At the same time, students must be prepared to adapt to changes that are likely to be introduced in relation to their responsibilities. In the face of this challenge, business teachers must continue to bear in mind the importance of certain basic skills such as organizing work, communicating effectively, and interacting successfully with others.

All Students will learn:

  • The relevance of acquiring technology skills necessary to pursue success in higher education as well as the acquisition of gainful employment.
  • Both the role of the technology in the business world and the role of the employee in the office environment.
  • How to develop marketable skills using the most current procedures and technologies (specifically applications included in the Microsoft Office).
  • The importance of emerging technologies.
  • How to recognize the importance of organization, accuracy, and efficiency as they relate to productivity.
  • How to develop employability skills including teamwork, strong communication skills, (verbal/written), and soft skills.
  • Professional protocol and professional employee/employer relationships.
  • How to identify opportunities for employment and for professional growth in business and technology occupations.