Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact the teacher if I have a concern?
You should reach out to the teacher by email immediately. You can also call the school and ask that the teacher call you.

Do I need to make an appointment to meet with a teacher or another school staff member?

How can I reach a teacher or other staff member by email or telephone?
Please go to the staff listing and find the staff member you wish to contact. Click on the link near their name to email them. If they do not respond by email, or if you do not have email, please call the school (973) 481-5962 to make an appointment.

If I submit a question to a staff member by email, when should I expect to receive a reply?
If you do not receive a reply within two days it is possible that the teacher did not get your email. Please contact the school.

What should I do if I think my child has a learning disability?

If you think your child has a learning disability you have two options:

  • You can write a letter to the Child Study Team requesting testing for your child
  • You have your child evaluated privately by a team of medical doctors (neurologist, psychologist and or psychiatrist)

What should I do if I want my child to participate in an athletic program?
Please click here to see a list of athletic programs offered at Technology High School. You can contact the coaches or the athletic director, Mr Charles Dillard, for more information.

What should I do if I think my child has an attention problem?
If you think your child has an attention problem, you can see your child’s pediatrician for a referral to a neurologist for testing.

How can I view my child’s grades or homework assignments?
At this time grades are not available for parents to view on-line, but assignments are. To see assignments please go to the student portal and select the assignment tab on the eboard. Teachers post assignments on their individual eboard notes. Teacher contact information is located in the school staff faculty section of the website. You can email the teachers for information about your child’s progress.

What should I do if my child doesn’t like a teacher?
Schedules will not be changed if a student doesn’t like a teacher, however, parents can meet with teachers and department chair to resolve any issues.

How can a divorced parent get information on a child’s progress?
As long as the parent has the legal right to information regarding the child, his/her name can be added in the system.

When should I contact the school counselor and what services can he/she provide?
Counselors provide a variety of services which assist the academic, personal, and emotional growth of the students. Parents should feel free to contact their child’s counselor. Phone numbers and email addresses are on the school website.

What services does the school nurse provide?
The responsibilities of the School Nurse are dynamic and comprehensive. Among other services and in addition to administering first aid for injury and illness and evaluating the student’s health status to determine whether he or she can remain in school for the day, the School Nurse:

  • Administers physician-ordered medication to students (medications are stored in the Nurse’s office)
  • Conducts health screenings for all students including height, weight, blood pressure, vision, and hearing
  • Performs general and sports physical exams in conjunction with a Licensed Physician appointed by the Board of Education
  • Offers health and wellness counseling and education to students, including proper nutritional habits and benefits of physical activity
  • Provides health counseling and health education to students who have experienced a temporary or permanent change in their health status
  • Maintains comprehensive health records for every student, including immunization status
  • Ensures that emergency equipment is available and up to date
  • Collaborates with school guidance department and, in a joint effort, responds to frequently encountered health issues providing counseling and crisis intervention when needed

The School Nurse is always available to address the healthcare needs of students and staff.

How do I find school closing information?
You should receive a phone call if schools are closed or if there is a delayed opening. If you do not hear from the school and the weather is bad, please go to the district’s homepage.