School Procedures

Dress Code

  • Pants: Black or Gray Chinos or Trousers, low key cargo pants
  • Regular or uniform skirts (no “band” type skirts and no miro-minis)
  • Shirt – Polo type or plain dress shirt in Black, Gray or White – Must have collar
  • Sweater – Black
  • Ties, black or gray – no colors

Bus Tickets

The student’s mailing address is put into MapQuest by Newark Public Schools and the distance from school the is calculated and recorded. If the student resides 2.5 miles or above from Technology High School, the child receives bus-tickets. The tickets are distributed once a week during the student’s lunch period.

Computer Labs and Computer Use

  • Students and staff are encouraged to use the computers at Technology High School.
  • All Students have been assigned a 5 digit user name and password.
  • New students have the opportunity to get their user passwords by visiting the Technology Coordinator in room T-102 during lunch in September.
  • New students and those who have forgotten their computer access information are invited to visit the Technology Coordinator in room T-102.
  • All users must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy Form on file with the Technology Coordinator in order to access the Internet. It is critical that this form be returned by all students as the Internet is vital for research and the development of 21st century skills.
  • To download a copy of the file click here for Computer Acceptable Use Policy Form

Tardiness Policy

Late arrivals to first block will be recorded by the teacher via PowerTeacher by using the (T)ardy code. Students late to first block shall receive a detention slip issued by the teacher. After first block, a tardy report will be generated from PowerSchool and parents will receive notification via phone call.

Occasion Level Action Responsible Party for Follow-Up
1 I Warning Teacher
2 I Parent Contact Teacher
3 I Detention and Parent Contact DC
4 II Detention with mandatory parent conference DC
5 III Behavior Modification VP

Detention Information for level I offenses

  1. 40 minutes – Student has choice between morning/afternoon
  2. Morning (7:30 – 8:10)
  3. After school (2:45 – 3:25)
  4. Staffed by teacher volunteers
  5. Missed detention raises infraction to level II