Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

At Sussex Avenue Renew School, highly effective teachers and school staff ensure that children are prepared for lifelong education and social participation.  We, as a school community, nurture students as they aspire to achieve, become socially responsible and self-reliant, persevere, and act with integrity, respect, and excellence. Every adult takes responsibility to ensure that each student reaches his full academic, social, and personal potential.  We encourage and challenge students to take risks and be creative in an intellectually safe environment.  We focus on mathematics because through mathematics, children develop logical and critical thinking skills, recognize and make use of relationships, and creatively solve problems.  These skills are generalizable and transferable to nearly every academic and social undertaking, and will serve our students well in their journey toward self-actualization.

Mission Statement

Sussex Avenue Renew School empowers students to ASPIRE: Achievement, Social Responsibility and Self-Reliance, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, and Excellence.