School Procedures

Code of Conduct

  • Each student will come to school each day, on time, ready and prepared to learn.
  • Each student will complete the homework assignments.
  • Each student will respect himself or herself, others and the property of the school.
  • Each student will do their part to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the school.
  • Each student will refrain from hitting, pushing, kicking, spitting and fighting.
  • Each student will speak in conversational tones. Yelling, calling names, cursing, “put downs”, negative or derogatory statement about another student or the student’s family will not be tolerated.
  • We recognize that there will be times when corrective actions must be taken to ensure that the learning environment remains orderly and safe.

When a pattern of behavior begins that will potentially disrupt the learning environment, the following steps will be used:

  • Teacher conference with student
  • Teacher determined discipline
  • Peer mediation/Peace table
  • Teacher conference with parent and student
  • Referral to Guidance/Social Worker for counseling
  • Referral to the Pupil Resource Committee
  • Suspension on site
  • Suspension and removal from the school for up to four days
  • Superintendent’s Hearing/Suspension

Together, we will help our students succeed.

They will move into the 21st Century prepared and ready to meet challenges and live productively.