Special Education Program: Extended School Year

Dates: July 1st – August 2nd, (July 1st – August 12th for JFK and NJ Regional Day) (No Program July 4th & 5th)
Hours: 8:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.
Grades: Pre-school-8th Graders
Breakfast & Lunch Provided
Fee: No
Students MUST be Newark Residents
Contact: Giancarlo Tello, osemain@nullnps.k12.nj.us

The Extended School Year (ESY) program is for students with a range of special needs, including auditory impairment, autism, medically involved, multiple disabilities, behavioral disabilities, and intellectually disabled. Students in the ESY program require services beyond the traditional school year, as per the Individual Education Plan (IEP). Students will receive academic and behavioral support during the morning. Enrichment activities may be provided through the Summer Plus program or through specialized Extended School Year sites. However, please speak with your case manager regarding afternoon enrichment activities.

Registration: Extended School Year registration is available through both the online application and the Office of Special Education. After registering online, you must inform the Child Study Team at your child’s school. After the April 30th application deadline, please contact the Child Study Team at your child’s school to find out how to register.

Note: Some specialized programs may have a shorter schedule. Hours will be confirmed when students register. Please speak with case manager regarding extended hours.

Student Population Site(s)
Auditory Impairment George Washington Carver/Bruce Street
Autism Elliott, First Avenue, McKinley, Oliver, Speedway, 13th Avenue
Behavioral Disabilities George Washington Carver/Bruce Street
Extended School Year (PK3-PK4) South Street
Extended School Year (Grades K-2) Belmont Runyon, McKinley, Oliver, 13th Avenue
Extended School Year (Grades 3-5) George Washington Carver, Hawkins, McKinley, 13th Avenue
Extended School Year (Grades 6-7) Mount Vernon, Speedway
Medically Involved-Multiple Disabilities Belmont Runyon
Moderate Cognitive Impairment John F. Kennedy, NJ Regional Day