Policies and Expectations

  1. Assembly Programs – Assembly programs are culminating activities in order to assist students in their total development. Therefore, they are diversified in nature and specifically designed to explore educational, social and cultural components of our society.

    It is expected that rules of good conduct will prevail at all times during the presentation of assembly programs.

    Students who do not conduct themselves in a proper manner will lose the privilege of attending assembly programs.

  2. Attendance/ Tardiness – It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure student has excellent attendance. Attendance is required in every class everyday. On the day of return from an absence, written communication (i.e. written note or health certification) must be submitted to explaining the absence. Teachers will complete and submit a 763 form to the Attendance Counselor when a student is absent from school for three (3) consecutive days. Chronic problems will be addressed through administrative review. Please reference NPS attendance policy.

  3. Dress code – All students are required to wear the school uniform daily. In the event, student comes to school without their uniform, Their parent will be contacted to bring in the students uniform or they will be asked to wear a donated pre-owned uniform that will be provided for the day. All attire should be clean and neat. Shoes must be worn at all times. Opened-toed and backless footwear is discouraged due to safety concerns. Those students who do not adhere to the dress code will be subject to Administrative review and consequences.

  4. Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)  As with every school community, parents are a vital part of the overall success. The PTO works very closely with the Administration and encourages parents/ guardians to become members. The PTO is instrumental in assisting in many programs that enhance the educational environment.
  5. Consequences of Disruptive Behavior – The Newark Public Schools (NPS)  and South Seventeenth Street believe that positive approaches to acceptable behavior are usually more effective. It is sometimes necessary to sanction students for violations or school regulations. This ensures the good order of the school, and teaches students that there are consequences to disruptive behavior. Disruptive behavior includes but not limited to continued and willful disobedience. Please note that students who engage in continuous disruptive behavior may be subject to mandatory parent/teacher conferences, sanctions, SST, Committee Alternative Education, Child Study Team (CST), suspension, and/or in house supportive services. Please reference Newark Public Schools (NPS) Discipline Policy
  6. General Positive Behavior – We believe that all students can behave appropriately in school. The positive behavior must carry through on the playground, during special activities and throughout the building. We will not tolerate any student who interferes with the teaching and learning process. Our children will learn to value the educational process, and be active participants in their learning experience. Students that consistently demonstrate positive behaviors may receive rewards.
  7. Lunch Expectations – Children are to remain seated until directed to get lunch. They are also expected to use their “Inside Voice” while talking in the cafeteria.
  8. Hallway Expectations – A “zero” noise policy will be in effect in the hallways as noise may be disruptive to other classes.