8th Grade Formal Dinner-Dance

The Class of 2017 attended their Formal Dinner/Dance on June 15, 2017.  Below are pictures and videos of this formal event.


To View All the pictures from the PhotoBooth, CLICK HERE. FaceBook.com/RememberingAngelPhotography

These PhotoBooth pictures are located on Facebook, courtesy of the photographer, Remembering Angel.  Students do not have access to Facebook from school computers.  Feel free to view them from home or the  FaceBook App on your cellphone.


There are 25 videos in total.
They have been split up to 5 videos per page.
Click below to view those videos.
-PAGE 1:  VIDEOS 1-5
-PAGE 2:  VIDEOS 6-10
-PAGE 3:  VIDEOS 11-15
-PAGE 4:  VIDEOS 16-20
-PAGE 5:  VIDEOS 21-25