Visiting Policy

Please adhere to our visitors’ policy in order to ensure student safety and minimize the number of class disruptions during instructional time:

  1. Any parent/guardian requesting a meeting with a member of the administration or teaching staff, should complete a Meeting Request Sheet located in the Main Office or front security desk or can call or email the staff member directly.
  2. Parents/guardians must call or come during scheduled office hours to meet with any member of the administrative staff.
  3. To meet with teachers, parents/guardians must schedule meetings during the teacher’s prep period.  A teacher can request that parents meet with them before or afterschool hours.
  4. Parents/guardians may NOT interrupt teaching or visit the classroom unless arrangements were pre-made and a member of the administration escorts the parent/guardian to the classroom.
  5. All parents/guardians are required to sign in at the security desk before proceeding to the main office or parent liaison’s room.
  6. Parents are not allowed to enter the building unless they have a meeting or it is during office hours.
  7. If the parent does not have an appointment, a security guard will take a number and an administrator or staff member will call the parent to arrange an appointment.