Core Values

At BRICK Peshine Academy, we have created a learning environment that values the following core principles:

Whole-Scholar Focus
In order to close the achievement gap the whole scholar must be addressed: academic, physical and emotional health, and character development.

Academic Environment
An educational environment where the joy of learning and high expectations is the norm and children are empowered daily with rigorous material to become life-long learners.

Team Value
Stakeholders will foster an environment where staff members are committed, not compliant, to the mission of educating children. Creating an exceptionally professional, collegial, and stimulating environment where everyone has adequate support, a real voice, and the tools they need to be triumphant is essential to our school culture.

Operations of the school shall be separate from academics and shall run on a business model. This will allow teachers to concentrate only on academics and will ensure all resources are funneled into the classroom.

Professional Development
Research-based professional development will be differentiated and tailored made to address scholar needs. Teachers will have ongoing support to learn how best to adjust their teaching to the learning needs of their scholars.

All stakeholders will actively participate in a safe environment where consistent dialogue is transparent and motivational. Negative emotions are diffused efficiently through active listening and open body language.