Teachers utilize the FOSS/STC Science kits provided by the Newark Public Schools.  When possible, teachers incorporate science into transdisciplinary units. Grade Level Teams may also organize additional units of study that fit logically into the grade level and build upon previously taught units.  These units may be integrated into the Units of Inquiry, or they may function as stand along units.

Teaching Time

Teachers plan for daily science instruction.  This block of time is a permanent fixture in each classroom’s schedule and is not bumped due to other subjects running over.

Science lessons are not always be hands-on.  Teachers may plan a read aloud related to their current unit and authentically infuse literacy into the science block.  Teachers may also have a lab one day and then debrief the lab the following day.

Organization of Space

Each Primary Years classroom has a designated science area. The area includes:

  • Books relating to the current unit and science in general
  • Science kit manipulatives
  • Table/group baskets with current resources being used
  • Science binders or folders (depending on grade level)
  • A word wall with content specific words