Administrators will provide short workshops to acclimate substitutes to the building. Please provide administrators with comments on subs that worked well with scholars.

Substitutes should be familiar with scholars and those who are ineffective will not be asked to return.

The academic program at BRICK is designed to build scholars into globally minded citizens. Scholars at BRICK are at the center of the learning experience and internalize that intelligence is not something you are born with, but something that you work hard to achieve. Scholars are empowered to take charge of their education and challenge themselves to create opportunities otherwise not available. Through a global perspective and authentic, inquiry based learning experiences, scholars learn to be socially conscious and caring citizens who are concerned with improving themselves and their community. Our scholars are responsible, intelligent and creative.

At BRICK, we believe that our teachers have the responsibility to be the greatest influence in the success of our scholars. To that end, BRICK teachers utilize a disciplined Instructional Cycle that consists of planning, implementing and reflecting. Planning starts by identifying what essential skills and knowledge scholars must master. Teachers then determine appropriate assessments and the most effective method of instruction to ensure scholar mastery. During implementation, teachers commit to following established plans and collecting both formative and summative data from scholars. Teachers then reflect on the effectiveness of the instruction based on both formative and summative assessment data and adjust future planning, including personal professional development.

The BRICK school community believes in maintaining an environment where the focus is on developing scholars into Responsible, Intelligent and Creative citizens. To that end, BRICK scholars and staff utilize technology on a daily basis and engage with each other and those around the world in creative and authentic ways to build a global mindedness. BRICK believes that an open door policy focused on exchanging best practices with local, national and global schools, builds a community of learners. Through a balance of effective instructional practices, constantly improving scholars and staff and efficient school building systems, BRICK strives to be an exemplar school.

To meet instructional goals, BRICK has established 5 Instructional Bricks (at right) that serve as the cornerstones of our instructional program and drive all decision-making.