Best in Class Education Center

Partner Overview

Small group classes cater to students’ individual abilities in math and English, building a foundation of skills and critical thinking. Every student has unique needs. That’s why we provide tailored lessons to help students build confidence and mastery in their academic work.

Overview of Services

Academic Enrichment Program in mathematics and/or English

  • We offer a comprehensive English program focused on critical thinking, reading and writing skills, vocabulary, and standard English grammar. In today’s globalized world, communication and analytical thinking are central to success. That’s why we emphasize the application of skills rather than rote memorization. Plus, as your kid gets smarter, our material gets harder, so there’s always just the right amount of challenge.

Program Contact Info

Program Details

  • All Wards
  • Children (5-13 yrs), Youth (14-19 yrs)
  • Elementary (K to 8th), Middle School (6th to 8th), High School (9th to 12th)
  • 3pm-6pm
  • Year Round (Ongoing)
  • Thursday, Saturday
  • No

Program Brochure