Our N.E.E.C Programs: Traditional vs. Accelerated

Traditional High School Diploma Program

In our traditional program, student’s work towards earning their high school diploma by completing courses of study aligned with the state of New Jersey’s graduating requirements.  After a transcript has been reviewed and an audit completed,  student’s are scheduled for the remaining classes required to meet the graduation requirements. The  required courses typically include:

  • 4 Courses of English

  • 4 Courses of Math

  • 4 Courses of Science

  • World History

  • U.S. History I

  • U.S. History 2

  • Financial Literacy

  • 1 Social Studies Elective

  • 2 World Language Courses

  • 2 Courses of Visual/Performing Arts

  • 4 Courses of Health

  • 4 Courses of Physical Education

  • 1 Career and Technical Education Course

  • 2 Elective Courses

Accelerated High School Diploma Program

In our accelerated program students can obtain a diploma without completing the required course work by demonstrating proficiency on a high school equivalency exam.  Designed to test your mastery of high school-level knowledge and skills in the four core content areas  (language arts, math, social studies, and science). The courses in our accelerated program are designed to help you pass one of the two major exams accepted by the state of New Jersey: