Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science.  – Edwin Powell Hubble

Our goal at Luis Muñoz Marin Middle School is to build a solid foundation in science that will serve our students though his/her lifetime. Our focus is on inquiry based learning designed around hands-on activities to promote experiential student centered learning. Science instruction at LMMMS promotes the development of skills in all subject areas including math, language arts and social studies.

Beginning in the fifth grade we aim to prepare our students to the best of their ability for high school and beyond. By increasing our learner’s interest and enthusiasm for science we hope to encourage them to consider careers in the field of science.

Grade Physical Science Life Science Earth/Space Science

The curricula for each grade 5 through 8 covers the three major areas of science by utilizing FOSS or STC science modules listed below:

  • 5th Grade: Floating and Sinking/ Motion and Design/ Environments
  • 6th Grade: Properties of Matter Part 1/ Weather and Water/ Microworlds
  • 7th Grade: Planetary Science/ Forces and Motion/ From Macro to Micro
  • 8th Grade: Earth History/ Properties of Matter Part 2/ Crazy Traits


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