0Lincoln School is a PreK-8 school located in the West Ward of Newark, known as Vailsburg.  The school was built in 1916 and was expanded during the 1930’s as part of the WPA projects instituted by President Roosevelt.  We currently have an enrollment of 410 students.  Our goal is to perpetuate a love of learning and develop an awareness of community, city, state and the world beyond.  Our success over the years has been based  upon a program of developmental education based on the following principles:

  • A child learns best by being actively involved in the learning process.
  • A child’s degree of readiness is largely dependent upon his/her physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.
  • A child learns best when the curriculum reflects his/ her needs and interests.

To ensure that every student is able to succeed in the world, Lincoln School provides a strong and caring environment, high standards and opportunities for meaningful participation inside and outside of the classroom.   Curriculum overviews are developed by teachers so that they will have insight relative to what skill should be taught monthly to the students.  The Core Curriculum Content Standards are implemented in the instructional program and instruction is augmented by class trips to NJPAC, Liberty Science Center, American Museum of Natural History, Camden Aquarium and other interesting locations.   Some of our supplemental programs include the After School Tutorial Program, NJ After3, ASYDP, After School PARCC Tutorial, Kids in Business, Computer Education, ESL/Bilingual, the Children Literacy Initiative Program, Junior Achievement, Family Reading and Math and St. Hubert’s Reading Therapy Dogs.

Student motivation and achievement in all areas continues to be a prime concern for Lincoln School students.  School-wide contests are devised in the areas of math, language arts and science to encourage students to challenge and develop their academic talents.  Regularly scheduled award programs are held to recognize students that demonstrate academic excellence, citizenship and perfect attendance.  S.H.I.N.E., our positive behavior plan  encourages moral development through daily recognition of Shining Star Students and monthly Let Your Character Shine  Assemblies.   In addition, a new partnership with Rutgers University is being developed to support the emotional needs of  Lincoln students in order to address the whole child.

Parent and community involvement is another key component to the success of Lincoln School students.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer and participate in various school and extracurricular activities as well as take on leadership roles through the P.T.A.   Parenting Workshops, Parent Liaison outreach and frequent communication between teachers and parents are some of the ways by which we, at Lincoln School, strengthen the home-school bond.

0Students are expected to work hard and demonstrate progress in all academic, civic and artistic endeavers.  Students are able to contribute to the school community through their involvement in the Chorus, String Orchestra, Lincoln League, Student Council, Cheerleading Squad, Computer Club, Art Club, Spanish Club, Odyssey Program and Boys and Girls Basketball teams.

The staff members at Lincoln School are highly qualified and committed to maintaining high standards for themselves and their students. They take great pride in collaborating with one another to share and improve teaching strategies through faculty meetings, staff development, district trainings, and grade level meetings.  Lincoln School has made great strides over the last three years to implement interdisciplinary initiatives schoolwide.  These initiatives include the integration of technology into everday instruction. All students receive computer instruction in a newly updated computer lab and all teachers are trained to include technology as an integral part of their lesson plans and classroom environment.  All classrooms are also equipped with new flat screen computers to ensure everyday access to technology.

The Lincoln School community looks toward the future with inquiring minds and open eyes as we continue to “shape tomorrow’s leaders”  to have respect, integrity, kindness and consideration for all humanity.

Lincoln School 1940
Lincoln School 1950