DLM Alternative Assessment Resources

The Dynamic Learning Maps™ (DLM®) Alternate Assessment System uses a cyclical process to develop assessments. Using principles of evidence-centered design, item writers with expertise in English language arts, mathematics, and instruction for students with significant cognitive disabilities develop testlets. Each testlet contains an engagement activity and three to seven questions.


At the initial and precursor level the following text will be used on the DLM assessment. Please review, familiarize or expose our students to the text as much as possible before the assessment is starts in April. (i.e. at the appropriate grade level)

Familiar Texts, Manipulatives, and Glossary

Level Section 1 (S) Section 2 (S) Section 3 (S) Section 4 (I)
Initial Precursor Stef’s Problems The Movie Getting a Haircut Homegrown Tomatoes
Distal Precursor Matt and Tom