Ivy Hill Elementary is located in the upper West Ward of Newark, NJ, and currently serves 576 students in grades PreK3 to eight. Ivy Hill Elementary School opened its doors to students for the first time in September, 2007, under the leadership of Mr. Barton. The student population then was approximately 400 Kindergarten through fifth grade students.The building itself was the former home of Vailsburg Middle School. This structure was originally used as an elementary school back in 1931. Since then this structure has served as the home for a Junior High School, Vailsburg High School, and most recently Vailsburg Middle as mentioned above.

Ivy Hill Elementary School opened as a result of the school reorganization effort in the upper west ward of Newark. The reorganization created neighborhood schools that eventually houses grades PreK-8 which represents a shift away from the middle school model. Today, Ivy Hill is a fully integrated grades PreK-8 school with an enrollment of over 500 students.

The current administrator is Mrs. Dorrice Rayam-Johnson, who dedicates her time to educate, inspire, and impact the lives of our students, and the Ivy Hill community.